Box Sash Double Glazing? Let Us Take Over!

Box sash windows might look extremely beautiful a charming, but the catch is that you might need to get them maintained and restored if they happen to be losing their original glory. And that’s exactly where the trouble starts. How do you which contractors to trust with the safety of your homes? And how do you make sure that you don’t end up getting charged tons for basic restoration jobs?

This is where Box Sash Window Repair Company comes into place. Equipped with the skill, expertise, and integrity, our team can come to your place on one call and whip your windows back in shape in no time.

Experience and Skill Right at Your Doorstep

There is no need to scour the yellow books or search online for hours to find a trusted contractor. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we pride ourselves on our years of experience in the United Kingdom. Serving tons and tons of houses, we have had a long list of satisfied customers because of the dedication Nd harrower we put into every property.

Past Cases

In the past couple of years, our team has flocked all over the United Kingdom to help people repair, restore, or, if need be, box sash windows. Among other such cases, one of our most recent ones was located in Islington, London.

The gig required us to work on the double glazing the twelve-box sash window so that particular property. Our team was working on the double-glazing unit’s installation into the existing frames of the property. To do this efficiently, our skilled workers began by removing the single glazing very carefully. Once done, the workers then proceed with rebating the existing sashes and then installing new Pilkington toughened argon-filled double-glazed units with a white spacer.

Additional Work Completed in No Time

While that might look like a lot of work, our team didn’t give up when they spotted the need for repair in several regions, including the sills, bottom rails, and frame repairs as well. Efficiently working day and night from our workshop in our vans, the entire work was completed in a span of three days!