Repairing Box Sash Windows in Highbury

We spend a significant portion of our waking hours at home. It is our favourite spot for anything from hosting guests to binge-watching movies. Now, it’s only natural for us to give it all it deserves.

It may be tough to find someone to operate on your box sash windows sans spending all of your money, which is why we at Box Sash Repair Company are here to help. All of that will not be a problem if you work with us. The best personnel and the most advanced equipment are at our disposal to complete your project on time and within budget.

Sash Window Expertise at Your Service

Box Sash Repair Company is ready to cater to the unique needs of every one of your windows. We did the same thing while we were renovating a home in the past. Please look at the pictures below to see how the house and its windows appeared after we finished.

This result was achieved by our team of skilled and dedicated professionals who arrived on the doorstep right on time, fixed the windows, carried out repairs wherever necessary and finished the job in no time.

Past Case

In the recent past, we encountered a lovely home of our clients that could do some box sash window repair work. Located in High bury, North London, the client had the following area to be worked upon.

We were instructed to carry out 13 retrofitting slimline double glazings. This entire process was supposed to take place with the existing sashes in the window. Our team rebated the windows, which helped in giving room for a double-glazed unit. This double glazed unit offered high levels of efficiency and made the windows extremely functional.

Next up, there were glazing bars that were laminated onto the glass internally and externally to give the visual effect of multiple panes. This is an exciting trend that has been known to provide houses with an elegant product without overdoing it.

All in all, or team completed the thirteen-window job along with glazing in no time. There were a few hidden repairs that were discovered and dealt with. However, since they were hidden under the windows and the client wasn’t aware of them, we didn’t charge them for the repair work. It was done free of cost.

The windows were wholly primed, finished and ready for the client to call in the decorators.

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