Broadstairs, Kent CT10:

Work complete: Retrofitting Double Glazing (Installation of Double Glazing into the existing sash frames,) Overhaul, Draught Proofing and Splice Repairs (Replacing rotten timber.)

Last week we installed double glazing into our customers’ existing sash frames. As one of very few sash window companies retrofitting double glazing in the South East, we pride ourselves on offering a unique service with a high-quality finish. We strive to provide our customers with a cost effective and efficient option to double glazing. Retrofitting allows for customers to keep all the original features of their old windows whilst improving the energy efficiency of their windows. This also offers the benefit of making planning applications easier as the original windows will still be present, it is the glazing which is replaced. It reduces the need for architectural drawings and is generally looked on more favourably with most councils. 

When retrofitting double glazing we order ‘made to measure’ The units will be 444 (4mm toughened float, 4mm spacer, 4mm K-glass toughened float) thin sight lined, low-e soft coat, argon filled, toughened high quality polyurethane Pilkington units with white spacer. This will be making use of the existing sash frames and boxes. 

This service involves removing single glazing, rebating sash and installing a double-glazed unit within the original sash. The rebate is made to ensure a like for like aesthetic result using the existing timber sash frame. 

Counterbalancing and draught proofing then takes place which includes a full service, replacement sash cords, new sash window furniture, and timber moulds with a pre-installed draught proofing carrier and pile.

Any existing glazing bar (if applicable) will be laminated onto the double-glazed unit as will an external glazing bar to offer the visual effect of multiple panes in order to not alter street view. 

The process of laminating the glazing bars is necessary due to the rebate required to hide the spacer. The alternative option would be to install multiple panes which would mean changing the thickness of the glazing bars by 15mm which will in turn change the aesthetics externally on the window. As per successful previous applications from our customers across multiple boroughs, it has always been agreed that laminating the glazing bars is the most aesthetically accurate option when double glazing, irrelevant if it involves installation of new or retrofitting into the existing.

All 21 windows were complete in just 3 days with our team working efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to our customer whilst she had other work ongoing. All our work is carried out on site from our travelling workshop (luton van designed specifically for retrofitting double glazing.) This meant that any windows removed were reinstalled on the same day. All draught proofed, recorded & rebalanced, necessary repairs complete and rebuilt. The customer was really happy with the results and considerably cheaper option than good quality new joinery replacements.