A Complete Package of Retrofitting Double Glazing, Over Hauling, and Draught Proofing

Do you feel your box sash windows have been through a bit of damage and could need some external help? Anyone who owns a house with box sash windows would understand how much elegance these can add to your exterior. For a passer-by, these windows are the epitome of sophistication and authenticity. However, only homeowners would understand that lack of maintenance or external elements can lead these windows in a bad state.

While some contractors would suggest you rip out the existing windows and install new ones, we believe that we can help you tackle a lot of issues just by taking damage control measures and going for repair.

Repairing and Refining Windows

For the past couple of years, our team of skilled workers has been at it to help dozens and dozens of clients with their repair, installation, and proofing work. With a wide variety of solutions available, customers have the option to get the retro double glazing solution of their preference. With excellent craftsmanship and high-quality products, we can guarantee the durability and long-term functionality of our work done.

Client Story

Not shying away from any job, our worker is trained to tackle any change to your exterior, whether it is short-scale repair or installation of a completely new system. From draught-proofing to repair work, they can do it all.

This one case that came our way in the past couple of months required our utmost dedication and attention as we wanted to retain the authenticity of the case. By carrying our retrofit double glazing smoothly, we were able to keep the charm of the windows and polish their look as well. The picture below should help you give an idea of what the windows looked like once our team was done with them.

Our team was assigned this job, and after the initial meeting was scheduled, they went over to the house to get an overview of the work that was required. The problem with these windows was a unique one. However, it was something that we were well-equipped to deal with.

The existing windows that a wider height as a result of which we need to repair the top sashes. If we didn’t work on the top sash repair, it would have concluded in a lack in traveling off the winnows, which is the sash not opening as much as it should. The bottom sashes could be opened, but the top ones wouldn’t budge as they were completely sealed in.

Our goal is to not only keep up the aesthetic appeal of the windows but also make sure that they’re durable and functional at their best capacity. For this hurdle, we worked on the repair of the top sashes. After a complete over-haul and drought-proofing, we successfully brought the windows to their original glory.

Fortunately for both the parties involved, these were well-maintained windows, and no additional work was required.

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