Whitstable Services for Box Sash Window Repair – the Right Way to Do it!

sash window repair Whitstable Company for Preservance of the Sashes

When it comes to Whitstable sash windows, a majority of problems can come up.  Timber deterioration is one of the most difficult problems to detect. Trust us with the sacredness of your house, and we’ll ensure that your windows are up to date on all care and servicing requirements by the time we’re through.

Slow-growing, high-quality, and durable hardwood should be conserved whenever feasible and when it is practicable to do so. Many historic doors and windows have been in use today because of the high quality of the original timbers.

Retaining the Elegance of Your Whitstable Home

The design you get on Victorian sash windows is very expensive to recreate. If you take the time to fix the windows in your historic home, you can save it.

sash window repair Whitstable and partial replacement of sash windows and a complete replacement aren’t common services offered by London sash window firms. When it comes to classified and preservation buildings, many of our more complicated projects have required sash windows to be replaced and sash windows to be repaired. There will be no need to replace windows unless they are in dire need.

Box Sash Repair Team Available for Your House

Often we run into cases where the windows need to stay. This is usually when there are tons of planning constraints. In all such times, our team is quick on their feet. We work in such a way that the frames stay but the rest goes.  As a result, sash window costs will also be reduced.

The beautiful wood design on Victorian sash windows may be difficult to recreate. you’ll guarantee that you can retain the essence of the home if you take the time to fix the windows in your historic home,

Past Cases

How can you make sure our effort is up to grade and aligned with your needs? We think that our work speaks for itself, and we encourage others to do the same. Do you wanna see how our team worked on a job in Whitstable? Take a look below.

As mentioned, for this one we worked on a property in Whitstable. There was a need for 7 overhaul and draught proofs with some serious repairs to remove rot in the sills, stiles, bottom rail, and meeting rails. It was a big job, but our efficient and professional team managed to complete it in a single day.

Our team always works solidly to achieve the finish within the desired times for this Whitstable property. Our team did all the repairs of the job all on-site on the same day. This way, we ended up with a very happy client. 

Would you like us to repair your box sash windows in Whitstable? Call us at 07415 390160 or email us at [email protected] to book a slot for your window