Sash Window Repair

If a sash window is not maintained regularly rot can sometimes occur. If rot occurs then repairs need to be carried out as soon as possible to avoid further damage or other parts of the window becoming infected.

If rot occurs, removing the rotten timber, treating the infected area with rot treatment and replacing with new timber is generally the best course of action. The use of splice repairs is the best course of action for originality and consistency. We use like for like materials, such as Hardwood to repair Hardwood frames and the same with soft wood. This is because the use of different materials foreign to the original can expand and contract at different rates. This means that the repairs can split and cause weaknesses to the frame. In turn this can cause ingress of water causing rot to appear again. 

All our repairs are filled, sanded and primed to protect the timber short term. We advise getting them decorated within 6-8 weeks to ensure the repairs last for many years to come. 

Our teams stock the necessary materials to carry out common repairs such as bottom rail replacements, sill replacements and meeting rail replacements. These are usually the most common areas to get rot because of how any moisture can sit internally and externally. More in depth or unique repairs are also carried out on site using our traveling workshop where the necessary splicing elements can be made and installed to specification.

Any one off repairs will be quoted slightly higher than the prices quoted on our pricing page due to the need to cover overheads. We always recommend that if you are looking for work to be carried out, it is always cheaper to see if there are any other necessary repairs you wish to get completed too for a multiple window discount. We always offer our best prices and our best advice for complete transparency, we aren’t in the business of sales or marketing.