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It is essential to have the most committed and competent employees on board when it comes to box sash windows. Why? The charm and originality that come with these panes demand the most significant degree of expertise and accuracy in construction.

At Box Sash Windows Repair Company, we understand the nuances of this task and have the appropriate staff to get the job done. Using state-of-the-art technology and established repair and installation techniques, our team has returned hundreds of windows to their initial splendor and can do it for you as well.

Past Cases

For years, clients have been trusting us with the comfort and functionality of their homes because of our excellent services. We promise to be in and out of your hair before you even know it. Here’s what we did for a house located in SW8 Battersea in the past.

The client requested our team to carry out the retrofitting double glazing job into existing frames for nine of their windows. What’s more, we had a lot of work cut out for us since installing 4-4-4 toughened argon-filled units. This was done into slim shares so that the customer could enjoy a noise reduction and heat retention zone while keeping the windows’ originality intact.

Along the way, our team spotted the need for a couple of hidden repairs. There was a bottom rail, t2 sills, and two meeting rails that needed repair work. However, we understand that all of this comes with the package at times, and hence no additional cost was put onto the client for the repair.

Satisfied Customers, New-Like Windows

We pride ourselves on our intricate work done in the houses all over England. Like all other precious clients, this one was thrilled with the results as well as the windows looked like they were completely new! Check out the results down below.

To keep our customers satisfied, we make sure that the job takes as little time as possible, for we know how annoying it is to have strangers milling around in your house for days in the end. Keeping the client’s comfort in mind, the entire work was completed speedily in 2

To do this, all work was completed on-site on the same day, while the window removal and installation were done on the same. Once we were done, the client then waited for the decorator to come in to polish it up.

Even though the weather was a bit chaotic in the region, we made certain external elements that could never dampen the house’s functionality.

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