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We offer sash window repairs at extremely competitive prices. Overhaul, draught proofing, and minor sash window repairs from £248 per window!

Box Sash Window Repair Ltd has been servicing and repairing sash windows in Kent for more than fifteen years. We are specialists in sash window restoration, repairs, refurbishment and renovation. Our main aim and objective is to keep your original joinery wherever possible, and offer some of the most competitive sash window repair prices. It’s a well-known fact that the quality of timber used for sash windows a hundred years ago is of far superior quality to the standard now and therefore, it makes no sense to replace beyond what is necessary to maintain your sash windows. Costs are significantly reduced to you and the environment with conservation considered ahead of replacement.

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain and upgrade traditional sliding sash windows. We firmly believe in repair over replacement and the images on this website are a representation of what we do everyday. Sash window repairs, Kent is the main staple of our work; however, we also offer draught proofing, double glazing of existing sashes, and general overhauls. We will replace windows entirely, if they are beyond repair. We offer security upgrades as part of our service too.

We will not hesitate to carry out complex and detailed repairs that still offer savings to our clients over replacement. We have on several occasions saved our customers 50% over replacement costs. Please don’t think your windows are too old and damaged to be beautiful cost effectively once again, despite what other companies and individuals might recommend, it’s well worth letting us take a look. We would be glad to offer your a free site assessment and quote. Please feel free to send us an email or get in touch over the phone if you require our services in Kent.

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