about Us

We are a small family business and we have a close relationship with everyone who works for us. At Box Sash Window Repair Ltd we care for our colleagues because we want our colleagues to be happy to work for us and always do right by you. We don’t subcontract and only keep the colleagues we feel can maintain the high standards we set. 

Let me introduce you to the team:

Brian first began working in the Sash Window field 15 years ago. He began working for his Father-in-law who owned South London Box Sash Windows ltd and retired. Brian continued to learn his trade while working with his Brother-in-law who continued in the trade. After some time, Brian began to pursue work in Kent to be closer with his family, starting the company in 2018 and expanding his team slowly.

Samantha and Brian met each other in 2007, married in 2013 and have 2 daughters Isabelle and Darcey. Samantha also worked for her father when she was younger and has extensive knowledge of sash windows.

Dan was a long standing close friend to Brian and Sam, joining the sash window trade with Samantha’s brother some years ago before joining forces with Box Sash Window Repair Ltd. Dan is in charge of all the site operations. He always ensures that all our work is carried out efficiently and to a high standard. There can’t possibly be anything about sash windows that Dan hasn’t already come across or dealt with first hand. 

Jo joined the team to learn a trade, she was recommended to us from a friend of Dan. She has honed in her skills over the years and is an integral part of why we are able to offer such a high standard. She is also skilled in draught proofing and repairs. 

Ryan (Big Ryan,) joined our team as a skilled carpenter/joiner. He was brought in to help expand into more teams to allow us to get to more customers sooner. After some time spent with Dan to make sure he knew the standards we set, he now operates a van with a small team to overhaul, draught proof and repair existing sash windows.

Ryan (Little Ryan) is Brian’s sister’s partner. He joined the team when he was quite young as he wanted to learn a trade. He is the important legs for the older members of the team and has developed his own knowledge/experience in sash window repair.

Trev is one of our newer colleagues who has been brought in following further expansion. He has come in keen to learn and is developing his skills on site. He is already able to carry out many tasks required on site. 

Natalie is Brian’s sister. She joined the team when enquiry levels became impossible for Brian and Samantha to maintain themselves (whilst also working on site.) She helps working part-time in the office dealing with administration such as emails, scheduling and sometimes calls.

Georgia is another of Brian’s sisters and she also works part-time. She puts in the extra time required to convert our quotations to something more customer friendly than what Brian notes down following a survey. As well as occasionally help cover holidays etc on the admin side.

Why Choose Us

Box Sash Window Repair Ltd are a small reliable sash window company which operates in South Kent. Our carpenters are all very helpful and will complete all works with care, promptness and efficiency. We are all very passionate about sash windows and work carefully in your home.

It takes years of experience to look at a sash window and be able to diagnose problems with function, draughts, and structure. Nothing can replace this experience.

When you call our office to arrange for a survey it couldn’t be easier. Once a survey date has been arranged one of our surveyors will come around, this will usually take between fifteen and twenty minutes to complete. During the visit we are happy to discuss the process, approximate lead times and how long the work should take. We will then send you a full quote by email, which will have descriptions of the works and an exact price. Should you accept our quote then simply phone our office or email us back, we will then arrange a date for the work to be carried out. Our office hours are between 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday.

Sash windows are a part of English heritage. They were first designed and built hundreds of years ago, some still dating back to the 17th century. Many of the sash windows we service today in South Kent are well over 100 years old. Sash windows lasting over 100 years is incredible and testament to the quality of timber available a hundred years ago and the workmanship carried out. No better window has ever been designed in terms of function, appearance and ventilation. With modern double glazing possibilities, we are now able to make them far more energy efficient than technologies would have allowed many years ago. There are several modern features which you can have installed into your existing sash window to enhance the efficiency such as double glazing, security locks and draught proofing. A well maintained original  sash window can last many years to come, outliving many new windows today.


We offer a comprehensive list of sash window services. Whether you require sash cord replacement to complete frame replacement we would like to help. Here is a list of the most common services:

  • Recording & rebalancing sash window
  • Sash window draught proofing
  • Double glazing existing sashes (Retrofitting Double Glazing)
  • Double glazed sashes (pair) & draught proofing
  • Single glazed sashes (pair) & draught proofing
  • Full replacement single glazed sashes & frames
  • Full replacement double glazed sashes & frames
  • Replacement sashes
  • Sash & Frame splice repairs
  • Full sill replacement
  • Sill splices
  • Glazing – 4mm clear, security, toughened, laminate, and double glazing