As conservationists we will endeavour to renovate your existing windows, when asked for a recommendation we will always look to repair and give a new lease of life to what may seem to many as “beyond repair”. Our teams are specialised in the conservation and renovation of timber windows. This has become a passion of ours over the years and we will never recommend costly unnecessary replacements over preserving your original windows.

Draught Proofing

Box Sash Window Draught Proofing – From £248.00 – £488.00 – Sash lifts and key lockable Brighton fastener included. (Available in brass, chrome, satin.)

An overhaul and draught proofing service will involve new cords being installed, sashes weighted correctly, any loose putty being replaced, any new timber from the overhauling or repairs will be primed to protect the timber until decorated (minor filling, sanding and repainting will still be required) and new Brighton fasteners & lifts being installed if required. A brush pile draft excluder will be installed around each sash to provide a complete draft proofed seal.

Venetian Sash Window Draught Proofing – From £488 – £888 Sash lifts and key lockable Brighton fastener included. (Available in brass, chrome, satin.)

Similar to a standard Box sash window overhaul and draught proof, a Venetian sash window will have a brush pile draft excluder installed into each sash creating a complete draft seal. The sashes will be weighted correctly ensuring smooth movement and any exposed timbers will be primed for protection. Recording (Re-cording) is a little more complex, the fixed side sashes will be removed to gain access to the “pockets” located on the outer box frame.

Casement Window Overhaul and Draught Proofing – From £208 – £388

Each casement sash will be removed, and any minor repairs required will be made to provide a good, smooth function and brush pile draught proofing will be installed around the parameter of each sash. If required new hinges will be installed when rehanging the casement sash.

Double Glazing

Double Glazing Existing Sashes (Retrofitting) – From £300.00 – £600.00

This service is quite unique, we will use your existing single glazed sashes and install made to measure double glazed units. This coupled with our draught proofing service will considerably improve thermal efficiency within your home. Equally importantly, and something we are particularly proud of is the ability to retain original windows and their features. 

Replacement Sashes

Full Replacement Single Glazed Sashes (pair) – From £800.00 – £1400.00

As it says on the tin, Sorry! We will supply and install new made to measure hardwood/softwood sashes, primed, factory finished and installed into the existing box frame.

Full Replacement Double Glazed Sashes (pair) – From £1000.00 – £1500.00

As above, new hardwood/softwood sashes factory finished and installed into the existing box frame incorporating a double-glazed unit to increase efficiency.

Individual Replacement Sashes – From £350.00 – £600.00

Supply and installation of new hardwood/softwood sashes, also factory finished. Occasionally the odd sash has run its course, often found lurking in a bathroom or beneath a leaking gutter. Individual sashes will be made to measure and installed into the existing box frame.

Reinstatement Sashes – From £800 – £1400

The replacement of Aluminium and uPVC windows which have been installed into original Box sash window frames. New hardwood/softwood sashes will be installed, reclaiming period property features.

Sash Window Repairs

From full to partial replacement, we carry out cost effective repairs to all Components of Box sash, Venetian and Casement windows.  Meeting Rail Repairs – From £80 – £200

Bottom Rail Repairs – From £80 – £200

Pulley Stile Repairs (box frame) – From £80 – £350

Outer Cheek Repair – From £60 -£150

Sash Stile Repairs – From £120.00-£180.00

Sill Repair – From £80 – £250

Glazing – From £80 (Prices will vary due to pattern, style, size and shape)

Please note: If you have a particularly complex need the pricing offered may vary.