Benefits of Repairing Your Sash Windows | Kent

Sash windows add a touch of traditional English charm to any home or property. Just like any window, repair and regular maintenance are the best way to improve the lifespan of your sash windows. Whether they came with your property or if you installed them yourself, you’ll need to give them a little TLC to keep them in their best condition.


At Box Sash Window Repair, we offer our services across the South of London and Kent area. If you have sash windows, this article is essential reading to let you know how to look after your windows to keep them working efficiently while looking brand new.


You can usually tell with the naked eye if your sash windows need repair. It’s a good idea to get up close and inspect the area where the window and frame meet, along with where the frame meets the wall. With sash windows, you’ll also want to double-check the frame to ensure the sliding mechanism is working smoothly.


If you’ve recently moved into a property with sash windows, it’s a good idea to book in for a repair and maintenance service to have the windows checked by a professional team. One major issue that we often see in older homes is rotten frames, which can be restored to bring the sash windows back to their original lustre. If you’ve purchased an older property, you might decide to upgrade your sash windows to improve their appearance and condition.


One thing everyone with sash windows should do is invest in resealing your windows. The seals of your windows should be replaced every five years to keep them working properly and prevent any issues.


Resealing your slash windows improves your home’s energy efficiency, preventing any heat loss. When the sealing of your window starts to lift, you can experience draughts that bring cold air into your home. Faulty seals are not something you want to be dealing with during the autumn and winter when you’re heating will be on, and you want to keep out the cold.


If your windows need repair, it can lead to condensation, which can lower the temperature in your room. Carrying out window repairs means you can reduce the cost of your energy bills – which is better for both and the planet!


We recently carried out a sash window repair project for a client in Streatham, South London. Our work involved a complete repair service to the sash windows in multiple rooms, on both the ground and top floor. This property had a mix of sash window styles, including a ‘three on three’ Victorian-inspired style and Georgian inspired ‘eight on eight’ sash window. Our client was delighted with the finished results, and all the work was carried out by our professional in-house repair team.


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