Get new sash windows without replacing them in Kent

Bringing your windows back to a new condition

Do you have damaged box sash windows? Did you know that replacing them is not the only option available?

Now, you can get your box sash windows repaired! All you’ll need is to get professionals on board and convert your windows to as good as new. With a proven record of successful projects over the years combined with skilled labor, we have all it takes to do this job right.

A challenge we accepted

We received an order to repair fifteen box sash windows in Tufnell Park located in North London. The job required retrofitting double-glazing, including draught-proofing.

And we got to work right away

We removed the single-glazing from the old sash window along with drought proofing to fill the gap between the frame and windows. We filled up this space with white Argon used as a slim lime to get all the thermal and sound benefits of double glazing.

After putting the glazing beads into place to hold the window, any glazing bars that were run down on the table were laminated onto the unit to provide the identical appearance of multiple panes.

A reasonable way to use your old sash windows is to get custom-made sashes to fit into the original frame.

The next step was to weigh these windows and get them recorded with a new counter-balance. We then checked if the windows needed any minor repairs. Moreover, to create the best look in this park of North London, we came up with two unique things in this job.

  1. Boarding up the windows of the middle downstairs, these sashes were newer and were designed to fit in a leaning frame, which means we had to make templates on-site to get parallelogram-shaped units to fit taken by a local supplier.
  2. As per the customer, to keep the blue squares in the corners of their stairs window. To achieve the required results, we carefully tried to rebate the sash to try and not compromise on the adjustment of the windowpanes.

This then needed another template to get the units made by a local supplier. It sure is something you won’t get from other repairing companies. We always come up with the most advanced technology and exemplary carpentry to retain your sash windows’ originality.

Thus, assuring you that here at, we apply the best techniques to make your windows look amazing.

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