Box Sash Repair All over London

Box sash windows are the charm of most houses in England with their old age history, neat look, and highly functional aspects; the windows are not just aesthetic to look at but extremely efficient. However, all of this efficiency has the chance of going down the drain if the correct maintenance and upkeep are not provided to them.

Box Sash Window Repair Company to the Rescue

However, there is a problem when it comes to handling these windows. Even the most meticulous house care and upkeep aren’t always enough to protect you against the hazards of slow decay and rot; at this point, an expert like the Box Sash Repair Company steps in.

Box Sash Window Repair Company has a crew with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows them to fix even the most difficult-to-repair windows. Don’t risk destroying your home’s architectural integrity by relying on low-quality services! Equipped with all the required tools and heaters for quick drying, our team will get everything done for you without causing you any inconvenience.


We believe in letting our work speak for us. Take a look down below to see how we worked on a project in the recent past and gave the clients the extract results they desired. Located in North West London, this property had some work laid out for us.

Offering punctual and quality services all over the UK, we aim to help all of you out there preserve the services and the sanctity of your home. All you have to do is give us a call or book an appointment with us online, and our team will be there with you at the decided time!

The Cricklewood nw6 case required us to work on a total of five sash windows in a bay, all retrofitted with double glazing. The large central sash window was operational with additional weighting, and the remainder was left completely fixed. Once all the repair and maintenance work was carried out, the last job was to leave it in a good state. For this, all of it was prime finished and made ready for decoration.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Our crew provides a secure and comfortable environment for you to have your repairs done from our vehicles. Our staff works out of a mobile van to minimize the amount of disruption to your daily routines. While we’re working in the vans, you’re free to go on as usual.

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