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Box sash windows were popular in Victorian homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your modern home especially due to sash window repair. Keeping your box sash windows clean and polished can give your home a more charming and genuine appearance. However, like with all wonderful things, they too have a cost. This is what it costs to keep the machine running.

When it comes to something as important as your house, it’s best to put your faith in the contractors’ deeds rather than their statements. As a result, we’ve gathered a slew of client endorsements to prove our worth. Because of our superior window repair, UK and outstanding customer service have always prioritized making sure they are completely happy.

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What sets us apart from other window-cleaning companies is our whole commitment to providing you with cost-effective window repair UK services that maintain your windows appear their best. It doesn’t matter how old your box sash windows are; we’ve got the tools and expertise to return them to their former glory. Box sash windows have been a specialty of ours for many years. They’ve been in the business for so long that they’ve learned all the finest ways to keep your windows in good shape and retain their original appeal.

Box Sash Window Repair UK

Customers often express dissatisfaction with the condition of their box sash windows. We’ve seen everything, from draughts to potentially lethal factors like decaying wood. There may be rot beneath the windows if there is a lot of material there. Some of our customers have even approached us with absolutely unusable windows because they are so moist and don’t want to open at all.

Box Sash Repair Company is here to help if you’re having any problems with your window’s box sash, and we’ll send a team of specialists to your location to get the work done right away.

Window Repairs UK in the Past

If you have any doubts about our service, you may look at our customer testimonials to see what others say about us. Located in Brixton, this was a beautiful property.

 Our team started by working on 1 bay draught-proofing and 2 other sash windows. The team had to do some repairs on the latter two.

 We also draught-proofed those windows for higher efficiency. We worked on lots of loose and missing putty. We also cared for rotten meeting rails, bottoms, sills, and stiles.

All repairs are done the traditional way of splicing timber rather than expensive resin repairs. This way, we ensured that the client could have new-like windows without spending tons.

We put in new cords and all rebalanced to ensure these windows work as well as old windows possibly can. We did all of this effort to ensure that they would last many more years to come.