Box Sash Window Repair Company Coming to Your Rescue

Do you have box sash windows in your house? Is the state of windows not exactly how it was when you initially got them? We understand that box sash windows can get worn out after some time and come to you with a solution for taking care of all your box sash window related repair needs.

When it comes to the architecture of England, box sash windows have been around forever. These were the part of the Victorian era, and yet even today, when they are decades old, these windows still carry a certain aura of charm and authenticity with them.

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we take it upon ourselves to make sure that the charm of your house looks as good as new. Equipped with the repair, replacement, and installation skills, our team will work on anything and everything.

What We Offer

At Box Sadh Window Repair Company, we offer it all to you. Our team operates from a mobile workshop and promises that they arrive on time and leave within the required time to help ensure your comfort. We also aim at providing our clients with durability and excellence through our craftsmanship. Our team will ensure that every sill repair is taken care of with utter dedication and attention to detail.

We offer a wide range of services, among which some of our highly acclaimed ones are repairs, window glazing, retrofitting and more. Our team comes equipped with the tools and the skills needed and will make sure they leave before you even know it.

Past Cases of Working on Box Sash Windows

This is a house located in Croydon, London. Our team worked on retrofitting double glazing into existing sashes of a total of eleven windows. Along with this, there was also the beautiful nine paned casements set on the stairwell.

Due to casements being installed externally and the height, we did need scaffolding for the removal and reinstallation of the casements. Traditional sash windows do not require scaffolding as they are built internally using an internal staff bead. All repairs and glazing regarding the windows were carried out on site.

The glazing bars were laminated onto one pane of glass internally, and an external bead was applied to give the visual effect of multiple panes. This is only noticeable when people get a close up of the windows. This was also a listed property, and the planning was approved using our method of maintaining the original windows.

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