Fixing Sash Windows the Easy Way

Period properties are defined by the presence of traditional wooden sash windows, which add to the overall elegance and sophistication of the building. If yours are rattling, decaying, and poorly insulated, don’t worry; they can be fixed, and doing so would not only improve the look of your house but will also increase its worth.

In extreme cases, it is only recommended that substitute windows, such as when a window is totally beyond repair. However, there are very few situations where damage and rot cannot be fixed by a professional with the appropriate expertise and equipment. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we believe in repair first rather than replacement.

Here’s how you can go about fixing your sash windows.

1.    Decay of Timber

Timber sash windows may rot and decay due to exposure to the sun and water, but fortunately, even the most rotting of frames can be repaired. Damage to the wood may generally be repaired by cutting and splicing fresh pieces of wood into the existing structure.

This method of cutting and splicing previous decayed sills and window parts is pretty efficient as it gets the job done in very little time. After that, owners must keep uptight eh maintenance, and their windows will last them a long, long time. If you are unsure whether your window is rotten or not, try doing a test by pressing the wood. If it’s decayed, it might feel spongy and soft to you.

2.    Glazing 

Most wood sash window experts now give the option of replacing single glazing with double glazing, allowing you to enhance your house’s energy savings while still preserving its original character. ‘Historic glass,’ on the other hand, cannot be scrapped and replaced.

These new types of glass are generally thinner than conventional double glazing, allowing them to be installed into the frames’ existing glazing bars, causing significant damage.

3.    Draught-Proofing

Those living in England would know how rain and risky weather is an art of our lives at this point. However, that does not mean we should fall victim to nature every time. This is why draught-proofing is yet another famous repair method used for box sash windows in England. Through the process of draught-proofing, many risky situations can n be tackled while ensuring that the house’s efficiency is at its fullest.

Maintenance and Upkeep

With the right amount of maintenance and upkeep, you will not feel the need for extensive repair work. At Box Sash Window Company, we believe in repairing rather than replacement. This is done to preserve the charm of your home while increasing functionality. The methods mentioned above are some of the most common types of repair work to improve the performance or aesthetics of box sash windows.