Importance of Repairing Your Sash Windows

Many times, homeowners are tricked into thinking that they needed a complete overhaul for their box sash windows. However, it is smart to know that it is not always the only solution for your window troubles. Repairing them can go a long way, not just for your pocket but to maintain the authenticity of your house as well.

The easiest way to tackle the dilemma of repair or replacement is to learn to inspect the window yourself and get expert opinions from trusted contractors. Someone might try to sell a pitch to you claiming that a softwood would do good for you, don’t give in to it.

Understand Your Wood

Box sash windows made up of timber require the most attention when it comes to repairs or replacements. A window made from a 100-year-old tree will be able to last for another 100 years. However, here’s what to note here. Such a window might look creaky but can be extremely useful with just some minor repairs here and there. It is also highly possible that your window might look great on the exterior but can be faulty when it comes to opening or closing.

On the other hand, windows made from hardwood nowadays are not as effective when it comes to maintaining durability. Around 60% of cases we encounter for repair work are associated with windows that are less than 20 years old and hence the constant need for repair.

If you have a box sash window with old timber as the core material, you need to think twice before you give your contractors the go-ahead to rip them all out. Ensure that proper repair work is carried out so that the life of the windows can be extended without having to lose out on the authenticity or the charm.

Why Get Repairs?

Box sash window timber reparation is a skill that, when performed efficiently, can help you in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your house. The major reason why repairs are important is that you will be saving a ton of money. This is because wherever you go, the repair work will always be cheaper than fitting an entirely new system.

Experts will be able to work their magic on cases that look beyond repair, such as what we did for a client. Take a look down below.

Regardless of whether you want double glazing or draught seals, all can be tackled with some repair work.

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