Providing a new look to this house at Kent – An “After” Look

The worst part about getting repair or installation work done for any property is the amount of research one would have to go through to find the right contractor. Many times, contractors out there can please clients with appealing words and fancy promises, and yet when it comes to delivering quality work, they seem to be lacking.

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we understand how much of a dilemma it can be for clients to find the right contractor for their home. One that is reliable and can be trusted to carry out work in the comfort of their homes with complete transparency. To make the path convenient for our clients, we offer excellent services and have testimonials and proof of the services we offered.

Box Sash Window Repair Company – The Solution to All Your Windows Dilemmas

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who have years of experience tackling these jobs. From sill repairs to double glazing, draught-proofing, and whatnot, these have done it all in Kent and other areas. By using only, the approved methods and state-of-the-art technology, we offer services that are affordable without any compromise on the quality.

Down below is another one of our proofs. Here is what the Dorset Villas in West Cliff Avenue, Broadstairs looked like once our team got done with it. These images are an excellent indication of the fine finishing and polishing that our team prided the client after thorough sash repair and double glazing were done.

The Transformation Process

The client required work on their box sash windows. First, 11 windows of the house were retrofitted and double glazed to make the windows more efficient. Next up, there was a desperate need for repairs in different areas. First off, there were 2 bottom rails that were repaired. Next up, there were 4 box frame repairs required. For the repairing process, our team carried out splice repairing and then proceeded with replacing the bottom rails.

The siles were also in need of repairs. For these sills, initially, our team started the process by cutting the rotten wood. It was then replaced with the exact material that was used beforehand. For instance, if a client had a softwood timer, we make it our duty to replace it with softwood timber only.

Lastly, for durability and increased functionality, 4-6-4 toughened argon gas with a white spacer was installed. Moreover, to make this process environmentally friendly and cost-effective, we installed these units in the existing sash frames. This was done after the old glass was smashed out and rebated.

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All in all, this job took our team little time as they got to it with all their dedication and expertise. Call us now to book a slot for your winddown repair session. Call us now at 07415 390160 or email us at [email protected].