Understanding Different Sash Window Balance Systems

There is a need for any counter-balance measure system that can keep the vertical sash in place and the opened form when it comes to sash windows. However, picking the perfect sash window balance system can be quite a tedious one since there are various types. Understand the types better to make an informed decision.

Different Types of Balance Systems

Single-Hung Box Framed Windows

Single-hung box framed windows are present over the United Kingdom, where one of the sash frames that has been glazed will be able to move in a vertical direction. This is usually found in remote regions, and only the lower sash moves.

Double-Hung Box Framed Windows

The next is double-hung box framed windows. The double in the name indicates that both the bottom and the top sash have been elevated and hung in the air using weights and cords. Both of them move in the vertical direction.

Cord and Weighted Sash Window Pulley System

For this one, iron is used or lead in weight next to a cord. These are fixed to the pulley and to the sash frame that has been glazed. These chains for sash were for their long-lasting nature, but they happen to make quite a long noise while functioning.

Spiral Balance System

The next type is the spiral balance system for sash windows. While sash windows are a thing of the UK, this system was invented in the United States during the 1930s. The spiral balance system was a cheap way that was heavily adopted after the war as it offered a cheap solution to vertical sliding sash windows. However, it is crucial to mind that it is not very efficient.

Spring Balance System

The spring balance sash window system that came into existence during the 1880 was designed to ensure a balance between the sashes. The springs’ length was quite long and used to be double the size of the sash itself. It was the first couple of times when spring was used in balance systems back in the old days. Today, we have learned the efficiency of springs and know that it is a tried and tested method to add flexibility and balance.

Jamb Liners Sash Window System

Also known as the tilt and slide method, which is similar to our spring balance system, this one is created to ensure that homeowners get the maximum functionality. This is especially essential when it comes to cleaning purposes. These are not very efficient since a lot of weight is left to the disposal of plastic lugs that are not very efficient.

Those were some of the most commonly used balance systems in the UK. Before deciding for your widow, make sure to get in touch with an expert to get their opinion.