Fixing Box Sash Windows All Over the UK

Box sash windows are aesthetically amazing. But the trouble arises when it comes to the maintenance and especially the repair of the windows. Owners often end up with contractors that force them to replace their windows instead of carrying out window repair UK work. This is expensive and can also be a threat to the environment.

At Box sash window repair company, we focus on window repair UK services by providing efficient solutions for your windows and the environment. If you want your windows to survive eternally like they have been doing at the famous Ham House, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Box Sash Window Repair Company Ready to be Of Your Aid

After all these years, what makes us stand out from all the rest is our total commitment to giving you budget-friendly solutions that keep your window frames in top shape.

Most of the time, we hear from customers who don’t like their box sash windows look. We have seen everything from draughts to things like timber decay. As long as there is a lot of debris under the window panes, there could also be rot under there as well. Some customers have even come here with very damp windows and didn’t open at all. This ends up making the windows useless.

Call Box Sash Repair Company if you have any problems with the box sash. We’ll send over a team of experts in window repair UK. Windows that might look beyond repair to you can be whipped into shape in no time by our team.

Past Cases of Window Repair UK

So, how do you make sure that the work we’re doing is up to standard and meets your needs? We believe that our work should speak for us. Look down below to see one of our last projects. 

One of our gigs was a property in Walthamstow. There was a total of 14 windows that had to be removed, recorded, rebated, double glazed, draught proofed, and rebuilt. The customer had slimline units installed due to being in a conservation area. Following a long-drawn-out application, it was all approved.

 Conservation departments generally prefer retrofitting double glazing (double glazing existing sash windows) over replacements as they can be assured that the original external aesthetics will remain exactly the same. To top that off, multiple repairs were also carried out, including 7 bottom rail repairs/replacements, 3 sill repairs, and 3 meeting rail replacements—all in the interest of keeping as much of the original as possible.

 The more windows we manage to save instead of replacing, the fewer trees need to be cut down to make new joinery. Furthermore, with new joinery being more expensive than ever, we do everything we can to keep original.

Call Us!

Does the idea of a window repair UK session sound good to you? Check our work and call us now at 07415-390160 to efficiently complete your restoration and replacement work. You can also email us at [email protected] to book a slot for your window. Our team can tackle the job with ease with all the right solutions.