Top Ten Reasons Why Architects Are Going Back to Box Sash Windows

Box Sash Windows are a traditional style of windows that are in a box shape and are also referred to as ‘hung sash’ and ‘sash and case’ These are vertical box windows that come along with ropes or pulleys he sashes can be lifted effortlessly by everyone without putting in many efforts. The ropes and pulleys are also helpful for those windows that are much heavier to lift.

1.    Speak of a period of the property

Many architects prefer installing box sash windows as they speak of a certain time period and an architectural style. A period property also increases the value of a house and adds value to it in the future.

2.    Attraction and Appeal

First impressions mean everything when it comes to property, especially when people look at it. Box sash windows are well-known among people and get a few heads to turn whenever someone sees them.

3.    Well-suited to all kind of climates

Box sash windows are well-suited to all kinds of climates and temperatures. For example, if anyone feels hot indoors, they can open up the windows for fresh air. Similarly, if it’s raining heavily, then the windows can be firmly shut without worrying about water getting inside.

4.    Do not require detailed cleaning

These windows are easy to maintain and do not have any hidden corners or areas that accumulate dust or dirt. They can be easily tilted inwards and scrubbed from the inside without putting in much effort and time.

5.    Long-Lasting

As box sash windows do not require detailed cleaning or maintenance, if good quality material is used, the windows can last many years. They are less exposed to distortion or rotting compared to other traditional windows.

6.    They reflect a personal style

Box sash windows offer a personalized style from the type of glass a person wants to get to the color of paint and the design that they wish. Moreover, they also have the option of choosing between latches or locks depending upon the convenience.

7.    Include glazing options

If a person wants to enjoy the view outside their living room through the window, then the box sash windows provide the ideal opportunity for choosing from a range of glazing options.  These include single and double glazing along with the choice of different types of sashes.

8.    Provide perfect ventilation

This type of windows provide the perfect ventilation in places that are already humid and in need of a passage of air. Opening the top part of the box sash window allows the hot air to escape the house so that the fresh cold air can come in.

9.    Are energy-efficient

The box sash windows have additional panes and coatings, which create an energy-efficient environment by providing heat retention. They create a warmer and insulated home environment so that everyone can relax.

10. Add some aesthetic

Box sash windows make the property look like a real winner and add aesthetic and a charming look to the house. The modern design enhances the look of the house and makes it look like a real deal.

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