Bringing Box Sash Windows to Their Original Glory

A major feature of British architecture, box sash windows have been adding an aura of authenticity and elegance to the houses in Britain for decades now. What’s more, with time, there seems to be no indication of the design going out of style. The only problem is that with time some damage is bound to take place.

Ripping out your existing windows is never the solution if you want to get a budget-friendly answer. With years of experience under their belt, our team can easily work on the repair, replacement, and installation of box sash windows while guaranteeing that the originality of your window remains intact.

Our Process

Our team is appropriately equipped to handle the job of working on your box sash windows with their years of experience. Moreover, it has been our utmost priority to reach the demands and goals of our customers by making use of state-of-the-art technology. Being specialists in the work of reinstatement, repair, and replacement of box sash windows, we can enhance durability and security in no time.

Among other cases, one recent project our team worked on required our complete attention because of the severity of the damage done. As seen in the images down below, the client’s bottom rail was damaged severely and required immediate repair work. To cope on their own, they had made use of expanding foam to hold their bottom rail in place.

 While this might have helped them in stopping the glass from falling out, it is important to note that this was a very temporary fix and could’ve done further damage if left unattended. A piece of advice to our readers is to please refrain from making the same mistake and get professional help immediately. Down below is the final look.

Installation and Repair Work

To work on getting a refined and new look, our team got to the job and dedicated their utmost dedication and attention. First off, the existing bottom rail that was falling off was removed. The sashes and the old glazing in the window were removed so that a new look with the same old originality can be attained.

Once the removal was done, our workers then proceeded towards the installation process. For this, we guarantee and ensure that the most durable and highest-quality material is brought over for your new windows. Once these will be set in place, you won’t be needing to get any repair work done for a long, long time.

The next bottom rail was installed and glazed as well. Once completed, it was then primed with attention to detail for the repair work.

From the images down below, one can spot the immaculate work done by the team. Both the internal and the external look of the house and the box sash windows look as good as new. All done without having to remove the authentic design.

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