Get Your Box Sash Windows Back in Shape

Are you tired of the aesthetic of your house getting ruined because of chipped windows and broken sills? Do you wish for rail replacements and repairs that don’t leave you with an empty bank account? Or perhaps you’re on the lookout for service providers who wo

uld help you with draught-proofing or re-glazing? Whatever the case may be, at Box Sash Window Repair Company, we can cater to your needs.
Equipped with years of experience and all the right and high-end materials, we are ready to whip your box sash windows back in shape without any hassle. Our team has been working on box sash windows for years and years. With all this experience, they know all the best tricks to preserve your windows and maintain the authenticity and charm that comes with sash windows.

Trust Actions, not Words

When it comes to something as precious as your home, it is always intelligent to trust the actions of the contractors and not their words. We understand this and hence come forth with tons of testimonials from our past clients. Leaving them happily satisfied has always been our priory which is possible because of our excellent craftsmanship and fantastic customer service.

Past Job

In the recent past, we got a client based in Cricklewood NW6, London, who needed their windows fixed and repaired. Our team was required to carry out a total of 4 overhauls and draught-proofs. Moreover, there was also a need for three bottom rail repairs, one sash stile repair, and three sill replacements.
Our experts also noted plaster coming off. Why did that happen? Well, if a sill has moisture damager throughout the sill, it is widespread that this moisture will lead to the plater drawing off as time passes. To understand this well, let’s take a look at the picture below.

As you can see, right underneath the sills, there is some amount of blown plaster which has taken place because of moisture. Once our team was done with the job, we were informed that the customer’s decorator would be coming over to remove any and all of the blown plaster stuck there. Once they are done replacing it, the window will look as good as new.

Efficient Team of Workers

As shown in the pictures above, our team managed to save the windows from a troubled situation by simply carrying out minor sill and rail repairs here and there. With the overhauling and draught-proofing done, the client was able to have fully functional, new-like windows.

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