Painting Box Sash Windows, a Quick Guide

When it comes to the comfort and aesthetic of your house, you should never shy away from property maintenance and care. Box sash windows require their owners to take care of them just as they do for their children. While cleaning is crucial, you will often note that cleaning doesn’t give the same polished look.

What you need to do is paint them if you wish for a new-like sparkle again. Down below, we have elaborated the steps to painting box sash windows. Put masking tape around the edges so that the walls don’t splash.

1.    Mullion Painting

We suggest you start by painting then mullions. This is the thin central strip of the sash. Since it is much lighter and smaller than the rest of the window, it should be dealt with first. You can paint this mullion strip easily if you do it from the top down. Make sure you do every side of it individually and then put on paint near the middle. This will give you a smooth surface.

2.    Frame Painting

Next, you can paint the frame. This is the lower part; try to paint it as evenly as possible. Large strokes would be okay for this frame but try to keep up the sweeping motion and use very little paint during these strokes. If you use too much of it, the structure will get sticky.

3.    Do Rebate

The top section of the window is called the rebate. You can paint this right after the frame. Remember not to push the sashes in the upward position until the paint is not completely dry.

4.    Painting Outer Edges and Frame Casing

Don’t worry. We’re almost there. The painting of the window is done, and now you have to do the outer edges. Put on masking tape and paint the edges with broad strokes. Since this is not an intricate area, you won’t have any trouble painting it.

5.    Cill Painting

Now that almost all of the window is painted, you can get done with the cill. Make sure that you keep the cill for the last because you may perch or lean against it while painting other parts. Take an average amount of paint and make an even layer. This is best done with a sideways motion using a paintbrush.

6.    Scraping and Drying

And there you have it! Your box sash windows are painted successfully. Wait for it to dry and move it slowly. With the help of a razor blade or scraper, try to remove any leftover paint from the glass. Keep a gentle hand on the glass to avoid scratches and a firmer hand on the mullion for a clean look.

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