Efficient And Reliable Box Sash Repair Work At Your Convenience

Do you have box sash windows that have lost their charm? Do you not want to go through lengthy and expensive procedures of getting complete replacements? We understand that any others can never replace the charm that comes with box sash windows.

This is why we have made it our purpose to offset the best upkeep services for box sash windows. It doesn’t matter where you are located in London; our team will be at your doorstep to help with the repairs and installations at one call.

Experience and Skill

You can trust any contractor to come and do the job like you would for other repair jobs for box sash windows. Why so? Obviously, because became box sash windows are high maintenance and require only the best of the best hands to work on them.

With years of experience, skilled workers, and all the right tools available at our disposal, we are just the team to get the job done for you. Offering a wide range of services from glazing to draught-proofing, repair work, and more, our team is a one-stop solution for your windows.

Repairing Windows in Islington

Just in the recent past, we had a client based in Islington, London, who required our expertise. Our team was always ready to make your lives easier and your lovelier. Our team was always prepared to whip the windows back up in shape.

Here is what was required from us. First off, we were told by the owner that they needed six overhauls and draught-proofing for the windows. Along with these two, our team also worked on minor repairs of the windows to give them a new-like polished look.

Moving on, there was one bottom rail replacement needed because it wasn’t in the best of conditions. Our team also carried some sill front edge repair work to ensure nothing hinders the polished look.

Affordable and Customer-Friendly Services

We understand that many people get daunted at the idea of getting box sash window repairs because of how expensive it can be. However, there will be none of that when you have got Box Sash Repair Company on the job.

We offer the most customer-friendly and affordable services. Since we honor the quotation for any carpentry work, the additional repairs for the Islington house were to be charged extra because we always have extra material in our vans. There can always be hidden repair work under years of paintwork when it comes to old sash windows.

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