Box Sash Repair Company: An Affordable One-Stop Solution For Your Window Repair Needs

For years and years, the windows of the United Kingdom, especially the box sash windows, have faced trouble as they went through repairs, installations, and at times, horrifically, complete replacements. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, our goal has always been to provide preservation services in such a way that they can be restored to their original glory without any major uphaul

Preserving Architecture with Box Sash Widow Repair Company

Started solely to preserve these period windows, at Box Sash Repair Company, our goal is to make sure that your house looks perfect while ensuring that you don’t break your bank. We have a team of skilled craftsmen who work from our mobile workshops to offer exceptionally high-quality window repair services.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you require, you name it, and we will take care of workshops, complete general overhauling processes to putting in new box sash windows, renovation of existing winddowns, repair work of windows including sills and even draught-proofing and glazing, our team is equipped to do it all.

Past Cases

In the past, we worked on bringing box sash windows back to glory for a client based in Bromley BR3. We were told that there was a need for six overhauls, including draught-proofing as well. While this was being done, our team also noted the need for minor repairs (these were, of course, not charged additionally.)

Additionally, there were splice repairs that carried us to different sills and frames of box sash windows. As viewable from the images, when it comes to box sash windows, there is always a need for repair in the corners of the box between the pulley stiles and the sills. This is one area that is highly prone to rotting and hence always needs some repair work

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, our goal is to make your life as convenient as possible. This is why no additional charges are taken for these minor repairs. Whatever the quotation was agreed with the client beforehand is what they get once the job is done.

Happy Clients, New-Like Windows

With cost-effective rates and high-quality services, you are getting the best of the best when you join hands with us for your window preservation and repair work.

Focused on providing quality work, each of our team members is skilled and comes with the experience to make the job as smooth and seamless as possible. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy, which helps us in the long run since a lot of our customers come to us because of word-of-mouth recommendations.

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