Box Sash Window Repair Like Never Before

When it comes to box sash windows, it is crucial to get the most dedicated and skilled workers on board. Why? Well, the charm and authenticity that come with these windows require the utmost amount of skill and precision in carpentry.

At Box Sash Windows Repair Company, we understand the intricacy that comes with this job and has just the right team to get the job done. Using state-of-the-art equipment and proven methods of repair and installation, our team has brought hundreds of windows back to their original glory and can do it for you as well.

Unique and Effective Solutions to All Window Problems by Our Team

Down below is what a house looked like once our team got done working for them. Here’s what we did for a retrofitting double glazing job.

To imitate the process, the single glazed glass on the windows was smashed out, and all the putty and pins placed were removed carefully. Next comes the rebating. This is the part where our team seals the units in place using hardwood glazing beads installed. Why did we do this? The putty that was applied initially is not strong enough to withhold the weight of a double-glazed unit, and hence hardwood glazing was used for support.

However, there was a bit of a twist in this job. It was the wish of the client that the original-colored glass in the windows is maintained. For the double-glazing process, we had installed 444 slimline toughened argon (gas) filled units with a white spacer and 464 with the same makeup. To meet the demand set for color maintenance, we used a delicate trick. We installed 444 units in the top sashes but by using a smaller rebating cutter. This was done so that the glass wouldn’t be damaged.

Moving on to the glazing bar. This bar, located in the lower portion of the top sash, had to be cut out and removed so that the unit could be installed and laminated on the glass.

We brought in our supreme quality special made hardwood external glazing bar which was then laminated external as well for a polished look of multiple panes. Since the client requested us to maintain the color, we got it done. However, we also made them aware that the availability of such glass is not always guaranteed; hence we couldn’t accept liability for the panes. Lastly, thicker units were installed in the lower sashes since the bottom sash was deep enough to house a 464 unit.

Utmost Precision and Dedication

All the while, our team was careful not to cause any damages. The maintenance of color might be a job that other contractors shy away from, but our team has years of experience under their belt. As a result of this expertise, we are the only ones we know who not only retrofit double glazing but also have a process to be able to double glaze a specialist top sash with this method

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