Making Installation of Double Glazing to Old Sash Windows Easy

When it comes to box sash windows, the best situation for owners is if they could get a contractor who would work on retrofitting double glazing into their existing sash windows. However, there are not many who would do this job in today’s time or could carry it out efficiently.

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we pride ourselves on incorporating double glazing into different types of sash windows. The problem most contractors would bring up when it comes to double glazing existing windows is the sash depth. You might get to hear one person telling you that they would only double glaze your existing window if it is so and so many meters deep.

While this is a genuine issue, it is not one that can’t be handled. Using modern solutions for modern problems, we have the skill and the dedication to make the installation of double glazing easy in original windows. How so? Let’s take a look at how we work.

Double Glazing into Existing Windows

To tackle the dilemma of a thin sash, we use the skills of our team and state-of-the-art equipment. Combining these two can result in the highly functional, modern, and comfortable windows you wanted.

The process is pretty simple. Our team will go about the job by installing a double-glazed unit into the window sash when it comes to double glazing sash windows. This is done in two different ways depending upon the depth of the sash.

If the client has a thin and slender sash window, we will use our high-end technology and install a double-glazed slimline unit. This unit can eliminate the trouble of slenderness and give you the functionality and warmth of double glazing.

On the other hand, some box sash windows are more robust than the rest. The traditional method of installing double-glazed units to the sashes will be carried out for all such windows. Whatever the case will be, our team will never say never to the job assigned to them.

For this process, the sash is rebated so that it can easily entertain a bigger unit. This, however, is done once the original glazing has been removed.

With a cost-effective approach and striving to provide you with the most efficient solution, we can cater to your all double-glazing needs regardless of whether it is a new installation or incorporation in original windows.