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Are you tired of constantly getting work done in your house and yet still ending up with windows and sills that don’t look like how they used to be when they were initially installed? At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we understand how much of an annoyance this can be and come equipped to help you deal with the windows and sill of your home.

Tools and Expertise Available at Your Disposable

There is nothing worse than ruining and wasting away your weekends hammering away at window sills that seem to come apart ever so often. At Box Sash Window Repair, we promise to help you in all such sticky situations.

We are professionals in the restoration, repair, and replacement of box sash windows, and we can make your windows more durable and secure in no time at all.

We have the required equipment and skills to repair and fix your box sash windows, owing to our combined years of service. In addition, we have always put our customers’ requirements and goals front and foremost in our efforts to utilize cutting-edge technology.

Past Cases

In a prior case, our team had to bring their highest level of expertise and accuracy to work. We couldn’t say no when we were summoned to South East London, a beautiful house that required box sash window repair.

We were informed that the entire work around the house would consist of 8 draught proofs, 4 sill repairs along two bottom rails. Our team got to work as soon as the initial inspection of the damage was completed.

As you can see from the images, the draught-proofing is routered into the top of the top sash, the bottom of the bottom sash, and the bottom sash’s meeting rail. Afterward, the staff bead and parting bead are loaded with a brush.

Along the way, our team noticed the need for priming the wood, and hence splice repairs and exposed timber were primed to give a polished and clean look. We also made sure that no loose ends were ruining the functionality of the windows. New Brighton fasteners and lifts (if required) were installed wherever needed. Once our team was done with the project, all the house windows were fully functional and looked just like new!

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Your home is your haven, and you should never compromise when it comes to safety and functionality.

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