Let Us Give Your Box Sash Windows the Love They Deserve

Box sash windows are a well-known part of British architecture and interior design, and everyone who lives here knows it. Even though they are decades old, these windows are still breathtaking in their ability to add elegance to any environment.

However, these breathtaking pieces of architecture do give out on us when the wood gets rotten or with other damages. What’s even more agitating, sometimes there is not much you can do to avoid these damages from taking place over time.

But you can always get it fixed.

Box Sash Window Repair Coming to Your Assistance

 Many experts claim to help you get that sparkling look, but there is a downside. Most of the time, you might be looking at someone who will charge you extravagant rates or would advise you to rip out your vintage windows and install new ones. 

At Box Sash Repair Company, we understand how difficult it may be to locate a company that can repair your box sash windows without draining your wallet. If you collaborate with us, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We’ve got an excellent team of workers and the most cutting-edge tools to get the job done on schedule and under budget.

Past Cases

We have had the pleasure of working on tons of houses all over the UK. Just in the recent past, we worked on a house located in Broadstairs, Kent. It was one of those projects that needed our whole focus because of the extent of harm it had inflicted. In the photographs below, you can see how it looks.

Our team worked on two retrofits, double glazing into existing frames. Once done, there were four other windows in the house that were overhauled. These windows were in a pretty bad state; however, it was nothing that our team couldn’t handle.

All 6 windows had to have bottom rails replaced as they were damaged. Four sill repairs needed our attention. Meanwhile, our team also worked on pulley stiles repairs on four of the frames. Upon further inspection, our team noted that the glazing bars were rotten on some of the windows, which had to be replaced.

All in all, when our team left the property, all the windows on the location were in the best condition, both functionally as well as aesthetically.

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Say no to having workers lazing around in your house. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we operate on-site in our mobile van and get the job done within the allocated time.

Are you interested in getting your box sash windows repaired? Give us a call at 07415 390160 or email us at [email protected] to avail of our services.