Why Draught-Proofing Windows Is Crucial for Your Home

Draught proofing screens is a low-cost yet efficient method to enhance the energy savings of your house, decrease heating expenses, and minimize the air leaks of cold air in the comfort of your home.

To draught-proof your house, you should seal any undesirable holes that allow chilled air in and releasing heat out. Saving warm air means you’ll need less energy to heat your house, so you’ll save cash as well as keeping your home cozy and toasty.

Areas That Need Attention While Draught-Proofing

When it comes to draught-proofing, there are various areas and spots in your house that could lead to warm air leakage. However, the most common denominator in all such situations is the window. When your windows have holes or gaps in them, you might face a lot of your comfort leaking out. Other posts include pipework, floorboard, keyholes, etc. When draught-proofing your house, pay special attention to the windows.

Effect of Draught-Proofing on Your House

Many people tend to be skeptical about the effects of draught-proofing. However, there should be no worries and speculations in this department. It might not seem like something urgent, but draught-proofing should always be your priority because of the efficiency it creates.

With warm air leaking out at a quick pace, your house will feel much more relaxed, and as a result, you will have to spend more money on heating. This wastage of funds will increase depending upon the severity of leaks in your home.

Although homeowners can do draught-proofing on their own, it is always advised to get expert help in order to prevent any damages. More specifically, older builds that come with single glazing are more brutal to draught-proof, and specialist help should be used for such locations.

Spotting the Need for Draught-Proofing

The easiest way to spot draught-proofing in your home is by looking out for a draught. If you move toward the window and feel that one specific region tends to be colder, or there is a feel of draught, you might want to get draught-proofing done by professionals. Colder air near your window is one of the most significant indicators of leaks.

Another way of figuring out whether there are any leaks or not is by checking the gaps between your frames and the window itself. It would help if you also kept an eye out for the holes around catches, locks, and the caulk on the outer side of your window frame.

Draught-Proofing by Box Sash Repair Company

At Box Sash Repair Company, we pride ourselves in the myriad of services we offer, among which one is draught-proofing. We can put in new sash windows or incorporate draught-proofing in your existing sashes to make your home warm and comfortable again.

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