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For your house to look its best, you must keep at it with timely maintenance work. However, many homeowners tend to stay behind and put off maintenance work as much as possible. As a result, what happens is that they end up with creaky windows and draughty areas. While these are indeed a huge major aesthetic hindrance for your house, they can also cause various functionality issues.

This is why you always need to have an efficient contractor on your phone list who can offer you durable fixes for your windows and more. At Box Sash Window Company, we aim to be just that!

Professionals for the Job

At Box Sash Window Company, we take pride in our ability to pull through and recover houses that have been deemed beyond repair by various contractors all over London. We have the human resources and the resources required to get the job done. We come equipped with the tools that will help us complete the job in a couple of hours using state-of-the-art technology.

Operating from a mobile van, we ensure that the work is done efficiently and effectively. What’s more, our proceedings are usually carried in our mobile van which helps us keep your home and your family affected. This way, you can get your windows fixed by our team without having to worry about disrupting your everyday life.

Past Cases

We believe in showing you our work to prove our efficiency. Please take a look down below at one of our testimonials. Below is a glimpse into the work we carried out on the house located in Hackney, East London.

There was a total of around seven sash windows retrofit double glazing jobs, which were supposed to be carried out into existing sashes, including sash window repairs where necessary. Once done, our team then started working on the repair and maintenance. This included four pulley stile repairs, two bottom rail replacements, and three sill repairs/replacements (as necessary.)

What’s more, three of the windows were part of the bay, which had arched top panes. While this may have complicated the task for many, it made no difference to our team, who are well-versed in dealing with different window styles.

 Templates were made to ensure the units were made to fit the existing sashes. With the help of this method, our team made sure that there were no ill-fitting windows for our client. Once done, all the windows in the house were reinstalled and were fully operational with draught-proofing and new furniture.

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