Elaborative Guide on Standard Window sizes in the United Kingdom

Homeowners have a lot on their table; among other tasks, one important job is to figure out whether they would like to incorporate bespoke windows in their house or get the standard ones. While bespoke windows carry a certain aspect of beauty and luxury, standard ones are preferred by the masses because of their affordability and easy fixes.

However, before you pick any window for repair or installation, you should be aware of the standard size is of the windows in the UK.

Fortunately for you, this won’t be a dilemma. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we won’t just provide your assistance learning about standard window sizes. Still, we are also experts at repairing, replacing or installing box sash and other types of windows.

Standard Window Size in the UK

Casement Windows

The dimensions of standard windows in the UK usually range from 890 mm to 1,119 mm. Moreover, the width of the windows is 635 mm, and 736 mm. These are the measurements for casement windows.

An essential reason why basic window dimensions exist is that they must fulfill specified criteria to ensure that they fit masonry of a given length, generally from 215 mm to 300 mm. The size standards come about through many regulations and directives that make construction procedures simpler and more defined.

Box Sash Windows

Sash windows are usually sized at 609 mm, 914 mm, 1,219 mm, and 1,524 mm at height. At the same time, the widths of these windows are around 914 mm, 1,219 mm, 1,524 mm, 1,829 mm, and 2,134 mm.

When it comes to sash windows, there is some debate about what the typical historical measures should be since there are numerous periods that contain a range of sizes – indicating that separate structures may have a variety of sizes.

Contractors for Windows in the UK

The UK has a charm of its own when it comes to the elegance and authenticity of the architecture. Suppose you are a homeowner, looking for contractors to carry out window work. In that case, you need to opt for individuals who would work efficiently, increase the security of your windows, lessen the voice inflow and be suitable according to your budget as well.

Poor installation or repair of windows can lead to draughts, poorly functioning security measures, and windows that won’t close.

At Box Sash Repair Company, we take the utmost pride in polishing your windows and bringing them back to their original glory if they have been damaged.

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