Making Box Sash Windows Look Like New!

While it is true that box sash windows have been known to be a part of old Victorian houses, that does not mean you can’t have them in your 21st century home. What’s more, with well-maintained and polished box sash windows, you can create an aura of charm and authenticity to your house. But, like all good things, these too come at a price. This is the price of the maintenance.

Worried About the Expenses? Say No More with Our Affordable Services!

During all these years of service to the architecture of the United Kingdom, the thing that makes us stand out from the crowd is our utter dedication to providing you with budget-friendly services that keep your windows looking tip-top.

Box Sash Window Troubles

Most commonly, we get to hear complaints from customers about the state of their box sash windows. From issues of draughts to other such deadly elements like timber decay, we have seen it all. With tons of debris hidden under the windows, there might be rot underneath there as well. Some clients have even come to us with windows that contained a high amount of dampness and ones that want to open at all, rendering the windows completely useless.

If you find yourself struggling with any such issue or others related to the box sash window, give us a call at Box Sash Repair Company, and we will send over a team of experts who will get the job done in no time.

Past Box Sash Repair Cases

We don’t expect you to jump into a contract with us blindly, and hence that’s why we offer client testimonials that speak for our service.

In the past, we sent our team to work on a house located in Islington, London. Initially, we started off our work with the draught-proofing of five windows of the house. Along with draught want was sill repair for four windows, and we carried out multiple minor frame repairs for the perfect look.

The job required our team to work on one bottom rail repair and one retrofit of double glazing. Our experts started by removing all the windows to get this done efficiently, then the flaking paint was scraped off, and the box frames were primed. Next, it was all recorded & rebalanced while all necessary splice frame repairs were carried out, including filling, sanding & priming, sashes, and ensuring that all was draught proofed and rebuilt.

No Scaffolding Required!

The double glazing was carried out by retrofitting the existing sashes, which involves removing the old single glazing, rebating the existing sashes slightly wider and deeper to hold a double-glazed unit. Moreover, a glazed and wooden bead was used to hold the sashes in. All this was carried out on-site in our traveling workshop and inside the property, so there was no need for scaffolding or boarding up of windows.

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