Saving Box Sash Windows – London

Box sash windows, a prominent element of British architecture, have enhanced the authenticity and beauty of homes across the country for decades. Furthermore, there does not seem to be any evidence that the design will go out of fashion over time. The only issue is that over time, some level of damage is almost certain to occur

You should never remove your current windows if you want to obtain the most cost-effective option possible. We have a team of professionals that have years of expertise in the field of box sash windows repair, replacement, and installation. We work hard to ensure that the uniqueness of your window is maintained at all times.

Our Methods and Procedures

We have the necessary tools and expertise to undertake the task of repairing your box sash windows, thanks to our years of combined experience. Furthermore, it has always been our highest focus to meet the needs and achieve our clients’ objectives via the use of cutting-edge technology. We are experts in the process of box sash window restoration, repair, and replacement, and we can improve the durability and security of your windows in no time at all.

Past Cases

One of our past cases required our team to bring on their utmost level of skill and precision. In Peckham, London, we were called to work on a stunning property that needed box sash window repair work to return to its true potential.

The team started by working on the retrofitting double glazing for ten windows of the house. This was done to enhance the efficiency levels of the house, make it more functional, and increase its aesthetic appeal as well. Moreover, there were three replacements required for the bottom rail along with two sill repairs.

While the job might feel tough and challenging, it was no big deal for our team, who have been working on similar projects for more years and years now. It is also crucial to highlight here that all of the work was completed without scaffolding.

Efficient Work for Highly Functional Windows

We believe in working effectively and efficiently. Our team worked on the single glazing removal, rebating, and glazing of around twenty sashes, all by 2 pm of day one with the windows back in to make the property secure for the time being. The next day, our team was equipped with tools and skills to work on the draught-proofing. They also ensured that all ten windows would be fully operational as soon as possible.

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