Which Box Sash Window Design Is Perfect for Your Home

In current times, every day, there are more and more options available out there. With so much to pick from, how do you ensure that you have made the best decision? To make the most informed decision, you need to learn some essential things about the different styles of windows.

New Styles of Sash Windows

For the residents of the UK, the options are unlimited. From Victorian styles to those from the Edwardian periods and Georgian times, sash windows would work for all these types of architecture and more. To start, you need to distinguish between these three different eras of design and architecture.

Victorian Period

In the Victorian period, the design used to be pretty straightforward. There used to be window panes, and each of them would be separated and divided with the help of an astragal bar. With tons of technological advancements present in this era, this design was possible as the windows frames, we able to support the more extensive glass sections

Georgian Period

In the Georgian period, the box sash windows used to be divided into around six panes, which would be placed over six panes. Even to this day, this style of box sash windows is being carried forward. In initially, it was done in this manner to support the shorter glass squares. However, today, you will note that it was done in this manner purely for aesthetic purposes.

Edwardian Period

The Edwardian period is where the Victorian two-pane style and the Georgian six-panes styles were combined. As a result, we get a unique window design on the bottom and the upper sash layer as well.

What To Keep in Mind?

When looking at box sash windows, there are some more elements to keep in mind other than astragal bars (however, they are pretty important as well!) Below are some more features you can watch for to find the best, most suitable style of box sash windows out there.

To keep in mind are window size, frame depth, mechanical corner joints, slight line width, beveled putty lines, ornate hardware, run-through sash-horns, and color scheme.

When you remember these elements, it will be much easier for you to figure out the type that fits the style of your home the best.

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