Repairing Box Sash Windows Has Never Been This Easy!

The one common complaint out there is that homeowners are often influenced by contractors for what they are supposed to do with their box sash windows. There are tons of box sash windows contractors out there. However, not many will readily repair your windows. Instead, they will tell you to get an instant replacement.

Repair or Replacement?

Sure, getting a replacement will indeed leave you with beautiful and new-like windows, but there are tons of cons to it. Getting a replacement is often not advised since there is a certain authenticity and charm with such windows.

The moment you get it replaced, you are bound to lose all the charm, plus you will have to spend tons for the replacement! 

At Box Sash Windows Repair Company, we highly stress repairing your windows rather than replacing them. Give us a call and let us know the details of the job. What might have seemed beyond repair to other contractors can be repaired in no time with our team

Eye-Opening Testimonials and Past Cases

It would be completely naïve to get something as demanding as repair or replacement is done without confirming the contractor’s credibility.  You may find tons of workers claiming to do the job, but how do you ensure they do a good one?

This is where testimonials and past cases come into play. At Box Sash Windows Repair Company, we are highly focused on providing our clients with as much ease and satisfaction as we can. Down below is another testimonial among others of houses we worked on! Scroll down right to the end to see what the place looked like when we did!

Repairing Windows in East London, Stratford

Living in a place as vibrant as Stratford, it is only understandable that people have houses that look their best. Just in the past, we worked on the repair of box sash windows for a place in East London, Stratford.

At first glance, we figured out the need for nine overhauls and draughtproofing. We inspected many putties that had to be removed when this was done, which a previous contractor placed as a filler. Next up, there was work required on two of the meeting rails and three bottom rails.

Once all the rails were covered, we moved on to a sash tile and sills. All these required minor work and tons of repairs here and there. To top it all off, any timber exposed was primed to be protected till the owners get to decorating it.

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And there you have it! With us, repairing box sash windows will never be a hassle. Please give us a call at 07415 390160 or email us at [email protected] to book a slot.