Rain Or Shine, Box Sash Window Repair Can Assist

When it comes to the comfort and safety of your homes, you must have a guardian angel that takes care of your property all year long, be it extremely hot summers or bone-chilling winters. Fortunately for UK residents, Box Sash Window Repair Company has acted as the guardian angel for tons of houses and properties in the UK and would love to be of your aid.

Whatever the Season, give us A Call, and We’ll Be There

Are you tired of construction workers bailing out on you last minute because of weather issues? At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we understand how agitating can be and hence come equipped with a dedicated team that will never leave you hanging.

Our team has years of experience under their belts and can tackle any box sash window work, be it repairing, glazing or proofing even in the coldest of nights. All the weather threats never scare our team because they come equipped in the right gear to ensure that your house and windows are returned to their original glory in no time.

Workshop on Wheels for Your Convenience

Does the idea of maintenance work scare you because of all the dust and chaos that comes with construction workers? Keeping your safety, well-being, and comfort in mind, our team operates from a workshop that we have designed in our very own vans.

Now, you can Netflix and chill in your lounges and have your family suppers without worrying about wood pieces flying the air or dust stirring up your allergies. When called upon, our team brings all the state-of-the-art equipment and will begin the work in the workshop on wheels as soon as they complete the job inspection.

Construction Completion in the Blink of an Eye

The worst part about having maintenance work done on your box sash windows or doors is that most tend to stretch the work as long as they can, leaving you in a state of chaos. At Box Sash Window Company, that is not how we roll. Since we operate from our vans, we can complete even the toughest jobs in a fraction of time.

Our team thinks of every hurdle that could come up and solutions for them. The moment our team sets up their workstation, all heaters are blasted on full speed to ensure that your sashes are dried in due time. We understand that drying them up the traditional way can take ages, and we wouldn’t want to sacrifice your comfort in any way!

Call Us!

Call us now at 07415-390160 to efficiently get your restoration and replacement work done. Our team can tackle the job with ease with all the right solutions.