Repair, Restore or Install, Box Sash Repair Company Can Handle It All

When it comes to the comfort and aesthetic of our homes, all of us need the utmost best to make our house feel like home. However, when it comes to box sash windows, there is a particular need for a high level of care while the repair process is going on.

There might be various contractors willing to lend you a hand, but the trouble starts with a higher focus on replacing the windows rather than repairing them. This replacement doesn’t just cause damage to your bank account, but it can also sabotage the authenticity and charm that came to your house with authentic box sash windows.

Box Sash Window Repair Company at Your Aid

We understand how inconvenient it may be to be hit with a large cost for seemingly little labor. It’s much more inconvenient when the beauty of your windows is compromised due to random installation services forced on you by contractors. There is no job too big or little for Box Sash Window Repair Company.

When you hire us, you can be certain that you’ll have your panes back on the right track in no time at all, thanks to our team of experts.

Past Cases

Although some may say your box sash windows are beyond repair, our years of expertise allow us to repair your windows. To consistently meet and surpass our clients’ expectations, we will use the most advanced technology and deploy the best possible personnel.

Our team worked on a property located in Catford, London in the recent past. Upon inspection, our team discovered four extremely draughty windows and rattled in the high winds of this winter. At such times, we understand that no amount of care from your end could save them from the scary winter winds. This is why our team is always available to come to your service.

 An overhaul and draught-proofing service were provided on all 4 of these draughty windows. This service included removing the sashes, route ring a groove, efficient installation of a plastic runner, the brush was installed, new cords, rebalanced, sash windows were rebuilt to bring them to their original glory, they were primed (to protect any exposed timber,) and new furniture was installed for good measure.

Utmost Customer Satisfaction

The customer was thrilled with the efficiency of the team and the friendly service they provided on the day. Customer disruption was kept to a bare minimum by the team, with them taking 4 hours in total to complete this work to allow the customer to enjoy the rest of their day.

All of this work was carried out from our vans keeping the customer’s safety and comfort at priority.

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