Repair Your Box Sash Windows with Us

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable team that can come and fix your box sash windows without causing you to lose a leg in the process? We understand the dilemma of never getting good enough contractors when it comes to saving the sanctity of box sash windows.

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we have the tools the human resources, and skills required to get the job done for you without causing any hassle whatsoever. With years of experience under their belt, each and every worker on our team is well-versed in the dynamics of saving box sash windows from horrible conditions.

Beyond Repair? We Don’t Think So!

A considerable number of times, homeowners are forced to get replacements and new instalments when it comes to their box sash windows. This is because there is a certain level of skill and expertise that is required to bring box sash windows back to life.

At Box Sash Repair Company, we have worked on tons of different windows that might’ve looked beyond repair to others but were no hassle to our team. Give us a call and fix a time slot that works for you. Our team, with their mobile vehicle, will be at your place in no time. Since they have been doing it for years now, our team has the efficiency to be in and out of your hair before you even know it.

No more getting hassled by contractors coming in and out of your home. Say goodbye to workers delaying the process. With the Box Sash Repair Company, you are promised efficiency with supreme quality work.

Past Cases of Box Sash Window Repair

Just in the past, we had a job from Deal, Kent. The house required our team to carry out a total of 6 overhauls with draught-proofing as well. Other than the overhauls, there were also for repairs. Our team started with six sill repairs and then proceeded to work on five bottom rails. Moreover, there was a need for four meeting rail repairs.

Our team discovered that all 6 of the windows required either pully stile repairs or outer cheek repairs during the process. A huge reason why the homeowner was in this situation was due to the lack of regular maintenance.

This is why regular maintenance of timber sash windows must be crucial. It should be done after every five years to ensure longevity.

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