Signs to Look For In A Authentic Box Sash Window

The industry of window repair and installation tends to throw around the world “authentic sash windows.” What are these windows, and what does the authentic entail? Here’s a brief guide to helping you recognize the most genuine and authentic box sash windows out there.

1.    Supreme Balance

When it comes to box sash windows, there must be good quality balances present. These balances are a significant indicator of whether the element is authentic or not. Sash windows are spring-loaded devices that help in counterbalancing the said sash on a window. If this is the right type, you can be sure that there will be no issue in the gliding up or down the window. With tons of manufacturers overlooking this conveniently, it is your job to keep an eye out for it.

2.    Astragal Bars

Next up, it is pretty impossible to talk about genuine box sash windows and not bring up astragal bars. These bars are one of the most defining features that help make box sash windows stand out from the crowd. To make it simple, astragal bars thin stipes that provide a division between the glass planes and splits it into different sections. There is glazing present with these bars.

3.    Putty Detail

Another familiar telltale sign of genuine box sash windows is the detailing of the putty lines. Clear putty lines will make it easier for you to spot such windows. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we offer sash windows with putty lines designed to replicate genuine windows. The detailing is replaced with utmost precision, offering our clients nothing but the best.

4.    Price Ranges

Various sellers and manufacturers tend to scam people and get the most out of the client by asking for the high amount of cash when it comes to box sash windows. Always remember, a higher price tag does not always equate to genuine box sash windows. Here at Box Ssh Windows Repair Company, we aim to make your life easier by providing services at an affordable and budget-friendly range.

5.    Window Furnishing

Lastly, among other things, genuine box sash windows also have a furnishing that needs to be kept in mind. That’s why we offer high-quality material with excellent finishing touches. We understand the job from the handles to sash ropes and pulley and offer authenticity in design with our design and installation services. We can provide high-quality window furnishing for authentic detailing with a wide variety of loops, locks, and more available.

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