Sill and Frame Repairs

The Sill is the most commonly affected area for rot. This occurs when moisture manages to seep under the paint or under the sill itself. When this happens it can quite often go undetected for a while until damage is noticed internally often around the surrounding wall. Depending on the severity of the damage we can splice the front edge of a sill. This involves removing the front portion of the sill ensuring all rot is removed and the infected area is treated, with a new front edge installed, filled, sanded and primed. Sometimes this does require additional repairs on the pulley stiles. 

If it is more severe, which is sometimes difficult to detect until we start removing the rot, we have to replace the whole sill. When this is carried out, we cut out the whole of the old sill and install completely new. This does involve removing the internal nosing/sill to allow for the old sill to be removed. When removing and reinstalling a completely new sill the plaster may require work following a repair if it has ‘blown.’ We always work as carefully as we can to avoid damaging anything internally, however, sometimes it is completely unavoidable. 

Sill repair between £150.00 – £250.00
Pulley Stile repair between £60.00 – £200.00

Please note: pricing is subject to change and accurate at the time of 14/02/2022. Pricing is on the basis of multiple windows or alongside other works being carried out at the same time. If one-off repairs are required this will be subject to a minimum charge plus material costs.