Casement Draught Proofing and Repairs

Aside from sash windows, we also carry out repairs, draught proofing and double glazing on casement windows. 

Similar to retrofitting double glazing into sashes we would follow the same process as per our retrofitting page, click here 

When draught proofing, we router the groove around the edge of the whole casement. This allows us to install different grades of brush. Due to movement and expansion, sometimes gaps are larger on one side of the casement frame in comparison to others. As such, the ability to put in different thicknesses of brush allows us to ensure smooth operation as well as getting a decent contact between the draught proofing and the casement frame.

Repairs are carried out the same or similar to sash windows, which more details are included on our repairs page:

Sash window repair – Box Sash Window Repairs Ltd

The main difference with casement windows vs sash windows is access and installation. Any operational or ground floor accessible casement is absolutely fine to repair without the need of a ladder of scaffolding. However, unfortunately casements are installed externally, so anything above ground floor (that is not operational) requiring repair or double glazing will require scaffolding. 

As standard we don’t replace the casement furniture or hinges. If hinges are damaged during removal we shall replace the damaged hinge. If you wish to have hinges and/or casement furniture replaced please let us know at quote stage so we can include this in the quotation for you.

Casement Draught proofing from £208.00 – £328.00

Please note: pricing is subject to change and accurate at the time of 14/02/2022. Pricing is on the basis of multiple windows or alongside other works being carried out at the same time. If one-off repairs are required this will be subject to a minimum charge plus material costs.