Increasing The Comfort and Functionality of Your Home by Retrofitting Double Glazed Units into Existing Windows

Say no to hefty maintenance costs, tons of noise pollution, and expensive heating and electricity bills; get your existing windows double glazed and enjoy!

The sole purpose of windows is to provide you with functionality involving the ability to peek outside now and then and to keep you secure from external elements. Now whether it is noise, dust, or any other natural component, it can be quite annoying if your windows don’t do that job well.

So, what should you do in all such cases? Do you pluck your existing windows from scratch and get new ones built just so you could save on your heating bill? That doesn’t sound like a very sane decision. Imagine all the amount you will have to spend on getting your window plucked out, get a new window installed and then make sure it’s noise-resistant and heatproof. That already sounds like a nightmare.

Providing our customers with convenience and market competitive rates, we have one solution that can tackle all of these dilemmas and more. Retrofitting double-glazed units into existing windows, we can work around your windows without making you go through a completely new installation process.

High-End Products

We have advanced units that can be fitted into your existing frames with very little maintenance and repair work required. However, don’t get fooled by how easy it is for us to install. These are still made up of high-quality, durable material which has the thickness you would require from double glazing. All in all, you can eliminate any external noise or condensation as we work on leveling up the comfort and functionality of your home.

Testimonial to Our Magic

Our team of professional individuals has been dealing with this domain and sash window work for quite some time now. Regardless of the size of the job, every task assigned is given the same level of dedication and commitment to get our clients the best work.

One specific case of retrofitting double glazed units into existing we had just in the recent past is one that you can see below. This is what the windows looked like once we were done with them.

The Process

The process for each job depends from customer to customer based on their existing windows and what their requirements are. In this particular case, our client was looking for slimline 444 units with a white spacer toughened filled with argon to be less intrusive on her windows.

  • To make this happen, we started by taking their existing window apart and removed the single glazing by smashing it.
  • Next, the putt was hacked out. While operating from our traveling workshop, we rebated the sashes to fit the units, sealed them in, installed glazing beads, and primed the timber to make it ready for the decoration phase.
  • There was a parting bead installed into the top of the top sash, meeting rail of the bottom sash, the bottom of the bottom sash, the staff bead, and the parting bead.
  • Once all that was done, the windows were finally rebuilt completely for maximum functionality and comfort. Down below is the final look.

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