Bringing back 9 sash windows to life by retrofit double glazing

For years’ box sash windows have been known to be a notable and unique part of the architecture and charm of the United Kingdom. For all those living in this region, they would know how much of authenticity and charm these windows can add to the exterior and final look of a house. However, the trouble with different parts of a house is that one can never look after them enough.

At all such times, ripping out your existing box sash windows and getting new ones installed is not just a lengthy process but can also cost you tons. So, what do you do when all the contractors near you keep telling you to put in new ones instead of repairing them?

Cost-Effective and Reliable Contractors

Of course, you come to us. With hears of experience under our belt dealing with box sash windows in the different areas all around the United Kingdom, we have got the skill, the expertise, and the equipment needed to bring your windows to their original glory. The most notable part about our service is that we do all of this while providing outstanding craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and services that won’t break your bank when the work is done.

We take pride in being the most cost-effective and reliable contractors around town. With highly market competitive rates, we can offer craftsmanship that will last you a long time. No more worrying about getting repairs or replacements after every few years. Once our workers have done their magic, you won’t be needed professional help for a long, long time.

Testimonial for Our Services

With so many years in this industry, we have seen different types of projects worked on them and ended up with satisfied and loyal customers.

One case was Reigate RH2.  The client required us to inchoate retrofit double glazing into their existing windows. Down below is what the project looked like once we were done with it.

The Process of Retrofitting Double Glazing

To start it off, we were assigned 9 sash windows. We had to retrofit double glazing in these existing windows with slimline 444 argon-filled toughened double glazed units. Next up, we were also given 2 sets of French doors and 2 casements to work on. Here, once again, double glazing was needed on existing panes. This set was with 464 argon-filled toughened double glazed units.

Bringing all the required equipment with them, our team got to work and replaced all the cords that were on there. Next, once that was done, they moved on to the rebalancing of the windows. For this, the weight was removed, sash windows were weighed, the weights were replaced, and then the window was reattached.

Once done, our team then got around to laminating the glazing bars both internally and externally for a polished look. Here the double glazing work came to an end. For complete services, experts with us also repaired the front edge of a rotten sill, carried out some other minor repairs, and sealed the deal.

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