Retrofitting Double Glazing into Existing Sash Windows, Skilled and Trusted Contractor

It is very common to find contractors who shy away and tend to retreat at the concept of working on retrofitting double glazing into existing sash windows. However, what they seem to miss out on is that this process is a lot more beneficial when it comes to looking for an environmentally friendly and durable look.

If you are looking for a contractor to get the job done while ensuring that the durability and quality of your box sash window remain the same, then we are the right pick for you. With our top-of-the-line equipment and skilled team, maintaining the quality of your sash windows will be no big deal.

Retrofitting Double Glazing Box Sash Windows

Among other contracts assigned to us, one of the most recent ones was to tackle the double glazing of the existing box sash window. For the repair work, there were three sills, three bottom rails, and three outer cheek repairs.

As notable from the images, the repair work was crucial for the box sash windows for our team to proceed with the retrofitting double gazing. The situation of the windows required desperate aid, which the team catered in no time. Down below is a look into what the windows looked like once we were done with it. The internal view will outline how tidy and immaturely the work will be done.

Retrofitting Double Gazing Steps

  1. Our team initially started the process with repair work to bring the box sash windows to their glorious reality. As mentioned earlier, the outer cheeks, the bottom sills, and rails needed updating. Once the repair was done, the next step was to proceed with the fitting.
  2. The client had fixed side shades and a completely operational middle window that we had to consider while working our magic.
  3. For this, the existing compromised and inefficient glass and material were removed. This material was then replaced with durable, genuine, and efficient double gazing material.
  4. The older putty was removed from the box sash windows to make way for the newer material and system to fit in. This new glazing mechanism installed provided utmost longevity to the structure of the windows and helped in retaining the originality of the design and architecture of the windows.
  5. With the correct measurements, the box sash windows were placed in such a way that air ventilation couldn’t be a trouble.
  • The final look of the box sash windows with double glazing can be seen down below in the images. The system was overhauled completely and then fully draught-proofed to ensure protection from external elements.

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A cheaper and much more hassle-free process for the clients, the retrofitting double glazing of existing sash windows was carried out sustainably by our team. Extreme attention to detail, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise help us in giving your home the care and attention it deserves. Call us now at 07415-390160 to get that refined look.