Sash Window Glazing

Broken panes can happen, replacing a broken pane does not require a new sash as is commonly thought. We are able to replace a broken pane with like for like glazing. This service can be provided as part of an overhaul or one off-basis. Specific designs would be subject to stock availability, however, generally we can replace as necessary. 

Blown units from aging double glazing is something that can crop up too. This is where the double glazed unit has allowed air/moisture to penetrate through the spacer causing misting to occur. When this happens, the unit is no longer acting in the efficient manner it once was. Replacing this unit as a one off is possible, however, it is worth considering replacing other units installed around the same time as they are likely to follow suit not long after. As mentioned in the overhaul page (Sash window overhaul – Box Sash Window Repairs Ltd) it is usually better to consider your options over multiple windows to save you money in the long run.

Pricing for reglazing: 

3mm/4mm Clear or Satin between £150.00 – £300.00
Laminate between £200.00 – £400.00
Replacement Double Glazing between £300.00 – £600.00
Specialist glazing: dependent on style and size.

Please note: pricing is subject to change and accurate at the time of 14/02/2022. Pricing is on the basis of multiple windows or alongside other works being carried out at the same time. If one-off repairs are required this will be subject to a minimum charge plus material costs.