Sash Window Overhaul

Due to age, structure movement and general wear, sash windows need adjusting. The most common reasons for an overhaul to be required is when a window has expanded and no longer operates freely; movement in the property has caused a gap between the sash and the box frame allowing a draught or sometimes the windows have just been painted in. 

The overhaul service is inclusive to the draught proofing service we provide:

Sash window draught proofing – Box Sash Window Repairs Ltd

It is generally uncommon that we would recommend you overhaul a window without draught proofing it due to the works involved, a full overhaul and draught proof of your window is a better value for money service.

As you will see from the draught proofing page as part of the ‘overhaul’ we include:

Remove and dispose of staff bead.
Remove lower sash, cords and weights
Remove and dispose of parting bead
Remove top sash cords and weights
Scrape down pulley stiles
Carry out any specified repairs
Plant or shoot in sashes to frame
Ensure meeting rails are aligned
Remove all old furniture
Repair where catches have been,
Re-hang top sash, balance weights
Re-hang lower sash
Fit new ironmongery/ locks (if necessary)
Typically this service will cost in the region of £228.00 – £328.00


Please note: pricing is subject to change and accurate at the time of 14/02/2022. Pricing is on the basis of multiple windows or alongside other works being carried out at the same time. If one-off repairs are required this will be subject to a minimum charge plus material costs.