Immaculate Box Sash Window Repair Work, Wingham, Kent.

All those individuals living in the United Kingdom are aware of the importance box sash windows hold in the world of architecture and interior. The best thing about these windows is that they have been with us for a long number of times and they still people all over the world with the elegance they bring.

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we are well-versed in the dynamics of giving your box sash windows a new and polished look. Sure, you might get tons of contractors out there who promise to help you get that shiny sparkle, but there is one catch.

Such companies and contractors often emphasize highly on the replacement of your windows. Regardless of where you are in Kent, England, Wingham, or Sandwich, this often is a common element. Instead of replacement, we believe in repair work.

Past Cases and Our Work

Over the past couple of years, we have had tons of customers and clients come our way with windows that they thought were beyond repair. As experienced professionals, we suggest you keep looking till you find a contractor such as ourselves who will go light on your bank account while ensuring that you are offered the most reliable and efficient repair services.

With a budget-friendly and long-term approach, our team understands how to bring your windows back to their original glory without having to put in replacements. We can repair your windows in no time. A past job of ours was from Wingham in Kent, England.  Take a look at the process here.

The Job Done Well

To start, there was the utmost need for retrofitting double glazing into existing sash frames for one window. Other than this, our team also worked on t eh draught-proofing and overhauling of the window so that the functionality could be turned up to its highest. On another window, we were told to incorporate just draught-proofing and overhauling.

To do these, we started by removing the glass from the windows. Once done, the putty was removed as well. We then moved on to rebating the sash so that it could hold a slimline double-glazed unit easily. Once done, the bars were then laminated on the glass in the same manner.

Whatever timber was left on the window sills and other areas was primed to keep the windows secure until decoration is carried out. When the draught-proofing was done, we installed an 8mm route red groove with a flat runner for ease of brush replacement later (if it gets worn out in the future.)

Lastly, the brush was installed into the top of the top sash, meeting rail of the bottom sash, the bottom of the bottom sash, the parting bead, and the staff bead. We also used new cords and worked on rebalancing.

Call us at 07415 390160 or email us at [email protected] today to book a slot with our team. We can give your box sash windows a beautiful and polished look.