Repairing Box Sash Windows in The Most Cost-Effective Manner – Sandwich, Kent.

As experienced workers in the repair and installation of box sash windows, we have seen tons and tons of different types of cases. However, we understand how important the authenticity and charm of your house are.

This is why at our box sash repair company, we stress highly on working so that the charm and authenticity of the house’s exterior are maintained as we work on the box sash windows. With utmost emphasis on more repair and more minor replacements, our team will do their best to ensure that your existing windows are whipped back in shape.

Indeed, there are tons of contractors out there who would help you get a look as good as new, but in most of these cases, you will find that new windows are installed, leaving a hole in your pocket.

Our Magic in Past Cases

Regardless of the size or the severity of the work needed, our team is always ready to come to your aid. With years of experience under their belt and state-of-the-art equipment and tools, we know the practical ways in which your windows can return to their former glory. From Sandwich, Kent, to other locations, we are ready!

One such case we encountered in the past is the one shown below, located in Sandwich, Kent. There was a lot to do in this household. However, our team is not one to shy away from challenges that come their way.

Upon inspection of the property and guidance of the owner, it was found that the house had 11 box sash windows that needed to be worked upon. Not just that, but there were also three flat side-sliding sashes, 13 casements, and a bit of work required on the broken panes, rails, and sills as well.

Our Process

While working on this house in Sandwich, Kent, we worked on the 11 box sash windows. Next, the three horizontal side sliding sashes were operated upon. Next, our team moved to the overhaul and draught-proofing of 13 casements. However, upon inspection, it was found that one casement was beyond repair because it had been filled previously instead of getting repaired. For this, we created new casement sashes while on-site and carried out a partial frame replacement.

There were seven bottom rails and three sills that our team worked on to give this house in Sandwich, Kent, a beautiful look.

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